If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done now a Spirited Woman Top 12 Holiday Book Pick!


"Think about how much s__t we get done, individually. Need an inspirational reminder? Read Shelly Rachanow's new book..." Huffington Post

“An inspirational guide which makes the perfect gift." Midwest Book Review

"Shelly Rachanow has penned one of the most delightful, empowering books I have read in recent history." Diary of a Mother Blog

"One part history, two parts fun, If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done is the perfect 'butt-kicking' cocktail: interactive, inspiring and a quick read. Author Shelly Rachanow has penned a remarkable book about girl power in action,..." Savvy Miss

Sam and the City article, "If women ran the world, would sh*t get done?" Sydney Morning Herald

"With inspiring true stories, anecdotes, factoids and often-amusing yet honest insights, women everywhere are honored for their accomplishments…." Awareness Magazine

"What a chirpy little tome this is, full of girlpower stories that warm the cockles of the heart. Rachanow simply wants to remind women what a lot of great stuff they do and give us all a pat on the back for doing it. And who’s going to say no to that? As well as many 'Wonderful, Amazing, Stupendous, Inspiring, Butt-Kicking Real-life' stories, there are pages to write down lists of ways you yourself have kicked butt, and what you would do if you did indeed rule the world. A great gift for a girlfriend in need of cheering up." New Zealand Woman's Weekly

"And just for fun and inspiration comes this incredibly uplifting book.... Highly recommended for all public libraries." Library Journal, Starred Review
"In reading other's answers [to the book's titular question], you'll undoubtedly dream up your own." Martha Stewart's Body + Soul Magazine (April 2009)

"This little blue book is cleanly designed and lists simple ideas about what women can do..." Sierra Club

"[Shelly's] supportive tone, information and suggestions will inspire visionaries and humanitarians to be ready, willing and able to start making the world a better place." Awareness Magazine 

"Sometimes a small book can prove to be more enriching than hefty volumes. What Would You Do If You Ran The World? by Shelly Rachanow is such a book." Ezine Articles

"The book is a lovely compilation…. I keep it laying around in various places throughout the house, and whenever I need a dose of inspiration, I read one story…" Feel Good Guru Blog